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Sally's Favorites

Sally’s Favorite Things

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to cook food, but some things are just plain nice to have and make cooking a lot more fun.


J.A. Henckels 5-Piece Utility Paring Knife Set

It’s a pain to try to cut up veggies with a dull knife. If you are going to spend on anything in your kitchen, get good quality knives.

Henckels Colorful Knives

Awesome Garlic Peeler

Did you ever try to peel a clove a garlic and that little papery stuff just won’t come off? You could smash the garlic with the side of a knife and the peel will come off, but the garlic is a mess. My son gave me one of these little tubes for my birthday. It’s magic. The peel comes right off!

Garlic Peeler

Better Than Milk Rice Milk

I’m allergic to milk. I used to buy this dry rice milk in the health food store, but they stopped carrying it. Now I get it from Amazon. It’s great when you want to bake or make hot chocolate and don’t need a whole carton of liquid rice milk. It can clump, but I like it.

Rice Milk

Wüsthof Bamboo Cutting Board

You can never have too many cutting boards. I have little ones for cutting an apple, medium ones for just about everything and big ones for watermelon and turkeys. When I’m preparing, I use separate boards for veggies and meat or fish, so there is no cross contamination.


Bamboo Cutting Board

Kiva Key Chain Convertible Tote

This little gem unfolds out into a 15" x 15.5" x 3.25" tote bag. I took a couple of these on our trip to Heidelberg. They were great to stick in my purse and pull out when I needed a shopping bag. It comes in several different colors.


Tote Bag

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