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How to Cook Rice

How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

Rice cookers make cooking rice a pleasure. It’s quick and easy.

There are many varieties of rice. Short grain white rice is starchier than long grain white rice and will stick together. If you don’t want sticky rice, choose a long grain rice. Some of my favorite rice varieties are Cal Rose (short grain), Jasmine and Basmati (both white and brown).

Your rice cooker probably came with a little “measuring cup.” It isn’t really a cup. It’s about 3/4 of a cup. You can use the measuring cup to measure the rice and the measuring lines in the rice cooker pan for the water level. Use twice as much water for brown rice. You can use a standard measuring cup to measure both the rice and the water. It is the proportion that is important.

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If your rice is still crunchy after your rice cooker turns itself off, add more water and turn the rice cooker back on. You will probably need to experiment a bit until you get the proportions right for the variety of rice you like.

White Rice: 1 cup rice to 1 cup water. Add one cup of water for each cup of raw rice. Swirl the rice around just a little to see if the water stays clear. If it is clear, put the cover on, turn your rice cooker on and let it cook. The rice cooker will turn off or turn to warm when the rice is done.

If the water is milky, you need to rinse the rice to get the talc coating or the extra starch off. Run water into the pan and swirl the rice around with your fingers. Drain the water off. Repeat until the water is clear. Drain the water and then add the correct amount and cook as above.

Brown Rice: 1cup rice to 2 cups water. Brown rice takes about 2 cups of water for each cup of rice. Some rice cookers will bubble over and make a mess if you add all the water at once. You can add the rice, half the water, put the cover on and turn your rice cooker on. When it shuts off, add the rest of the water, stir and turn the rice cooker on again.


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