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My Favorite Books Page

Be Heard Now
Giving the Love that Heals
Getting the Love You Want
The Joy of Cooking

Be Heard Now
By Lee Glickstein is an amazing book for anyone who wants to speak in any situation, whether on the job or in the family. The Speaking Circle is a wonderful experience that can be created in families. To hear and be heard is a wonderful gift.

Giving the Love that Heals
If you really want to be a great parent, read this book!

Getting the Love you Want
Ray and I read this book and then took a weekend seminar. If you want a great relationship, start here.

The Joy of Cooking
has been on my bookself since I first
started cooking many years ago. This one
is the 1997 edition.

You will find answers to all of your general
“What is it?” or “How do I do it?” questions.

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook
is the cookbook I refer to when I want to
know what temperature to turn on the oven
to when I want to have roast beef. I look
here to figure out how long I need to cook
per pound. This is a wonderful basic cookbook.

The Sunset Western Gardern Book
is the best ever gardening reference for the
West Coast.

The Sunset National Gardern Book
is the best ever gardening reference for the
United States. Get the Western Book if
you live on the West Coast.

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